Halloween In the Time of Quarantine

Hi little spookies!
I’m sure we all know by now that Halloween will be a little different this year due to the pandemic. Halloween is my favorite holiday ever and it is a bummer that some of the activities I normally do around this time won’t happen. However, I do have plans to celebrate as much as I can as safely as I can.

So here is how I plan to celebrate Halloween this year, starting tomorrow (Friday), because why shouldn’t you celebrate Halloween for more than one day??

Horror Movie Night

Technically I already started this since I had planned a spooky movie for every night of the month, so on Friday I will be watching “The Bride of Frankenstein” and on Saturday I will be watching “Halloweentown.” Tomorrow, I’ll also be having a Netflix Party with one of my best friends. This time, I plan to make myself a spooky cocktail and hopefully convince her to watch a scary movie.

Spooky Cupcakes

The past few years some of my friends have made it a tradition to bake spooky cupcakes on or the day before halloween. This time around, we decided it’s better to be safe and skip the tradition (at least not get together to bake). I’m still planning on baking spooky cupcakes by myself and maybe dropping some off at their doorsteps just to keep the spirit alive.

Pumpkin Carving

I have not bought a pumpkin yet, but I am hoping I can buy one just in time. I don’t care if it’s a mini pumpkin, I just want all the spooky vibes this weekend.

Candy Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday, I will be visiting my sister to help her set up a candy scavenger hunt for her kids. I already made them some goody bags to find and I’m hoping to also take them some spooky cupcakes. I’m so looking forward to this especially seeing what the kiddies will be dressed up as.

Glow in the Dark Dance Party

This idea just occurred to me as I’m writing this and I’ll be telling my sister about this soon. Now I’m thinking about buying my niblings (gender-neutral term for niece/nephew – just makes it so much easier for me) glow sticks so we can have a small dance party in the dark.

So little spookies, this is how I’ll be celebrating Halloween this year. A bit different, but hopefully someday I’ll be able to celebrate with friends again. How will you be celebrating this year?

Stay Spooky My Friends 🎃👻🦇

1 thought on “Halloween In the Time of Quarantine”

  1. Glow stick dance party sounds so fun!! I’m also carving pumpkins, doing a bit of seasonal baking, and binging spoopy movies – Halloween might be cancelled for outdoors, but it is alive and thriving in my home haha!

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