My Favorite Spooky Memes

Hey little spookies!! Can’t believe Halloween is just in *4* days!! Although it’ll be different this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate *safely.* Anyway, here are some of my favorite spooky memes. Let me know which one is your favorite 👻🎃

*Cries in Southern Californian* However, the past few days have been pretty chilly out and I’m so happy about that. I’m finally wearing cozy sweaters and enjoying hot drinks 😩

I remember seeing this one way back in high school and it made me laugh so hard. To this day, it’s still funny as heck 😂

Halloween > Christmas. I said what I said. Why can’t corporate America let us enjoy spooky season *until* it’s over? Like at least let us have our moment.

Alexa, play Dead Mans Party by Oingo Boingo.”

A bit dark, I know but that’s my humor and how I cope with my mental issues. This one had me cackling. I went from 😳 to 🤣

Hope you enjoyed these spooky memes. They sure do make me laugh and I hope they make you too 😄 Stay spooky! 👻

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