My Bedtime Habits Choose My Perfect Match

Hey bookworms! Today I’ll figure out which book is my “perfect match” solely based on my bedtime habits. Here is the original link from Underlined so you can take it as well and let me know what you get! 😄

Q1: What are your ideal pajamas?

Normally, I’d choose whatever I fall asleep in, but lately I’ve been sleeping in over-sized graphic tees.

Q2: Which object is currently on your nightstand?

Definitely crystals. I have them almost everywhere. My second choice was a journal for those long nights.

Q3: Pick a pre-bedtime activity.

Lately I’ve been working on getting a skin care routine down. Right now it is still pretty basic since I’m still doing my research.

Q4: Which fictional world would you like to live in?

Sorry to disappoint but none of the other options appealed to me and the hopeless romantic in me felt drawn to a rom-com setting.

Q5: Pick your ideal bedtime.

What is sleep? Normally I drift off around 2 or 3 am. I know it’s terrible and I need to fix my sleep schedule.

Q6: Which one of these is your pre-bedtime snack?

I don’t know if it’s just my family, but we usually have a little something sweet before bedtime whether it’s pan dulce, arroz con leche (or “rice pudding”), or Mexican hot chocolate. Lately I’ve been eating Oreos with milk so I think that falls under chocolate.

Q7: You hear something go bump in the night. What do you do?

Normally, it’s just the ghost in my house causing a ruckus or some neighborhood cat climbing on the roof, but I’m pretty paranoid so I still go check (not empty-handed, of course).

– Results –

Results say I am a “You’re a Restless Dreamer – You’re magical! You have a lot of vivid dreams, either from watching a good thriller before bed or because your mind’s getting the better of you.” As a result my “perfect match” is The Twin by Natasha Preston.

I think the description is a little spot on. I do have vivid dreams, mainly because my mind gets to me. I will definitely be checking out The Twin and I’ll do a follow up to see if it truly is my perfect match.

If you did this quiz, what did you get? Let me know 😄 Until next time!

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