Reading during quarantine *discussion*

Hey bookworms! I wanted to discuss how being stuck indoors has affected my will to read. I know I am not the only one who feels this way and I want to know if you have experienced this as well or if you were able to over come it.

As mentioned, I know I’m not the only one with this problem since I have talked to my best friend and cousin about this and they feel the same way. It feels as if since self-quarantining started, I have almost lost the will to read. Don’t get me wrong, I do manage to read some books and by miracle stay on track on my reading goal, but at times it feels like a chore. Almost as if I want to do anything but read. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m home more than before or the fact that I miss the excitement of going to bookstores and buying books.

I know I can always order books online, but it doesn’t feel the same. If anything, I’m more prone to anxiety since there have been some package thieves in my neighborhood as of late. Even then, it still doesn’t beat the excitement of walking into a bookstore and being surrounded by books. I know some bookstores are open, but at the same times I want to limit my exposure to only grocery shopping or take-out for now.

Aside from that, I can’t seem to get into books the same way as I used to. Now I feel as if I’m reading the same sentence over and over again and not retaining much. Mindlessly reading, to sum it up. I just haven’t felt as passionate to read. Don’t get me wrong, there were few books that grabbed me by the shirt and threw me into the book, but once it’s over my will to read diminishes again.

It feels like a different kind of reading slump. For example, I have all the time to read, yet I spend my days watching Criminal Minds on Netflix or endlessly scrolling through TikTok. I want to read, I do, but I have a hard time getting into a book and not reading just to read. I want to read to feel, to submerge myself in the story, to become so engrossed in the book that I forget what time or day it is. Basically, I want to feel alive again while reading, not mindlessly reading.

Well, I hope I described that as accurate and understandable as I can. Please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I want to hear from you. Until next time! šŸ’–

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