Reacting to Book Memes

Hi, hello bookworms! So, a few weeks ago my best friend gave me the idea to react to book memes and I finally decided to take on her suggestion (thanks Vic! πŸ’š).

Source: We Heart It

The amount of times I have done this is astronomical. I’ll be like “Oh, only less than 100 pages, I should be done in an hour,” and next thing I know it’s passed midnight.

*if someone knows how to embed from Instagram without the caption please let me know. I have even tried the “remove caption” feature under embed on the Instagram post*

This is me every time. I’m sorry if I come across as rude but the only time you should talk to me while I’m reading is if there is a huge emergency. Other than that, if you see me reading, do not bother me.

Honestly, this is so me… I tend to be all over the place when explaining books to people. But if I’m too tired to explain, I just send a picture of the description.

This is so me and my neighbor. When we would go to bookstores in BC (before corona), we would always end up separating and finding each other about an hour later with a stack of books each. We would be like, “oh no, what have we done?” πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ™ˆ

Going off of the last caption, this is also me and my neighbor on our way to the bookstore…. until we see how much we’ve spent and then try to justify that as treating ourselves as well. 🀣🀣

Well I hope you enjoyed these bookish memes as much as I did. I hope to make more of these in the future. Next time, I do want to react to fandom based memes (i.e. Twilight, The Lunar Chronicles, etc.) And once again thank you Vic for the idea πŸ’š. Until next time!

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