Review: Ever Alice

Hey bookworms! Time for a new book review! It’s taken me a while to write this but no worries it is here now.


Title: Ever Alice

Author: H. j. Ramsay

Rating: ☆☆☆☆.4/5

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Retelling

Publication Date: August 1st, 2019

“Alice’s stories of Wonderland did more than raise a few eyebrows—it landed her in an asylum. Now at 15 years of age, she’s willing to do anything to leave, which includes agreeing to an experimental procedure. When Alice decides at the last minute not to go through with it, she escapes with the White Rabbit to Wonderland and trades one mad house for another: the court of the Queen of Hearts. Only this time, she is under orders to take out the Queen. When love, scandal, and intrigue begin to muddle her mission, Alice finds herself on the wrong side of the chopping block.”

This story gives you an explanation as to whatever happened to Alice after her time in Wonderland. It isn’t just a retelling, it’s a sequel to the original. The characters from the original do get a ‘makeover’ which was hard to keep track of at the beginning. Once you are able to get past that, you’ll be able to fully submerge yourself into the madness (as a figure of speech, of course). Even though it doe start with the cliché Alice goes to an asylum, it still took a slightly surprising spin. It isn’t as dark as Alice by Christina Henry, but it’s still enjoyable.

What I liked about it is getting to read from both the antagonist and protagonist perspectives. You get to read from Rosamund (Queen of Hearts) and Alice’s points of view and see how different they are. For a split second you might even feel bad for Rosamund, but then again you don’t.

I wasn’t a big fan about the romance aspect of it. It felt a little rushed into and I’m not a big fan of insta-love. I’m not going to lie either there are a few characters that pissed me off, but didn’t change my mind about my overall feelings about the book. The story made me question everything and always wondering what will happen next. The ending though… (i won’t say anything to avoid spoilers) it wasn’t what I expected, but some people can argue otherwise.

I would recommend it to fans of the original Alice’s Adventures of Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Until next time!

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