Going Down Memory Lane

Hey Bookworms!!

Do you ever just look back at what you read years ago and think what the hell was I thinking? I do that all the time and just a disclaimer I am NOT bashing on these genres, I’m just saying that for reasons I stopped reading these genres.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s start with the majority of books I read in middle school (when I started reading again but more avidly). So around 6th grade I discovered Twilight… more specifically, New Moon the film. Not knowing that 1) it’s based off a book 2) it was the second installment in the Twilight saga I dragged my sister to take me and even though I was mostly confused on what was going on, I was mainly swooning over Edward. It wasn’t until later on when I Googled it that I saw there were books and I begged said sister to buy them for me, which she did for Christmas.

Anyway, I’m getting to the point don’t worry, after I binge read all 4 books in 2 weeks, I went down a spiral. Aside from being a Twilight fanatic, I also fell down the rabbit hole of vampire books. And let me tell you, I read a lot (although I forgot most of the books and their plots, oh well). Apart from that I also read fanfics about Edward… yikes.

After a while I got bored or vampire books because in my eyes nothing could top Twilight (reminder this is 11-12 year old me thinking this) and I moved on to books about angels and demons. As with Twilight, I also read a lot and my favorite at the time was Fallen by Lauren Kate (even though I never finished the series but whatever). After a few series, I grew bored of it again and that’s when I discovered more “popular” contemporary YA books and I’ve been hooked on that ever since. However, I do try to expand that by reading other YA subgenres like fantasy, historical (11 year old me would never!), etc. Not going to lie, to this day I have not read another vampire book (except maybe Dracula but I never finished that). They don’t appeal to me anymore.

I’m going to go off tangent but just remembering about all the Edward fanfics I read, not too long ago I logged into my QuoteV account and saw all the fanfics I had saved in my library. They ranged from Edward to Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides to Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds and the list goes on. I read part of a fic that at the time was my “favorite” and I didn’t think it was possible to cringe that hard. (note: I’m not bashing on the authors for their works, it’s just one of those things where you look back years later and you laugh about it because of how ridiculous it sounds now but a few years earlier you were dead serious about it)

Have your reading habits changed over the years? Is there a book/genre/ trope/etc. you used to read that makes you cringe now? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Until next time!

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