Cleaning Up My Goodreads

Hello bookworms!

As the title suggests, I’ll be cleaning up my “to read” folder on Goodreads. Over the years books have been added left and right and I never get around to reading them or actually go out and buy them. Or there are some books I just added because there’s a giveaway then forgot about the book and it no longer interests me. Don’t worry I won’t bore you with a super long list, but rather I’ll only go until I reach 5-10 books. This will be a multi-part post since there are over 300 books on my list.


Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell | I know this is beloved by a lot of people, my cousin included, but I just can’t see myself reading it anymore. Before I would walk into Barnes and Noble with my Goodreads list on my phone and every time I would just skip over this book. So… bye-bye.


Hold Me Closer, Necromancer – Lish McBride | Once upon a time, this interested me but as time went on and the more I forgot about it, the less I cared. Maybe one day I’ll read this but for now I’ just going to get rid of it.


The Language of Fear – Del James | First semester of uni I had to write a paper analyzing a music video and I chose November Rain by Guns N Roses. Long story short, at the end of my research I found out that that video is part of a trilogy of music videos based off of this book written by a friend of lead singer, Axl Rose. I was really interested in reading it until I couldn’t find it online to buy it; then I realized, it’s out of print and I say I’m going to delete it from my list but I always forget. Now’s my chance. I do want to read it someday if I manage to find a copy.


The Secrets You Keep – Kate White | I don’t ever remember adding this to my list therefore bye-bye!!!


Mosquitoland – David Arnold | Saw this at a second-hand bookstore and it intrigued me but I had already reached my spending limit so I said maybe next time and by next time it was gone. Then as time went on, the less interested I got. (Moral of the story: always get the book)


One Italian Summer – Keris Stainton | I have a feeling this was one of the mood books I added because there was a time when I was taking Italian classes that I wanted to read books set in Italy or in Italian. It’s been 2 years and I haven’t bought it nor have the desire to read it.


The Future She Left Behind – Marin Thomas | Once again I on’t ever remember adding these. I’m sure these were the giveaways I entered and never won because who even wins Goodreads giveaways? (I may be a tad bitter in case that wasn’t obvious)


Start Without Me – Joshua Max Feldman | Don’t remember, good bye!


Who’s That Girl – Blair Thornburgh | Don’t remember, good bye!


The Trick – Emanuel Bergmann | Don’t remember, good bye!

*Note: I’m not saying any of these books are “bad” my reading tastes have most likely changed or I really don’t see myself reading them any time soon and they’re just collecting digital dust on my Goodreads page.

I’m not sure how often I will make these, but I do want to finish cleaning out my Goodreads to-read list.

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Until next time!

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