Top 5 Wednesday

T5W: February 20, 2019

Hello bookworms! Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday!
(T5W is a weekly tag in which you are given a prompt and are to select your  top 5 for that category; themes, books, characters, authors, etc. Prompts I use are from the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads.)

This week’s prompt is –

February 20th: Love interests you would have broken up with.

Disclaimer: there will be spoilers!

Ok, I’m going to be real here. So far I could only think of 1 or 2 so some of these might be suggestions from my cousin (aka the Nikita from “addy nikita books”).

Jake, One of Us is Lying – Karen M. McManus | I know he dumped Addy after “finding” out she slept with TJ, but if I were Addy (the Addy in the book not me, Addy) I would have left his ass long ago. Right from the start when he practically TOLD HER TO PUT ON SOMETHING MORE FITTING AND ATTRACTIVE I was like “okay dude, you need to go!” She had something comfy and warm on to go to the beach at night and HE MADE HER CHANGE INTO SOMETHING REVEALING AND SOME SANDALS. I don’t know about you but I’d be freezing (then again I live in southern California too and I get cold when it gets below 50 degrees).

The following is from Nikita and this is a summary from what she told me.

Alex, Dreamology – Lucy Keating | So Alex joins the study to see why him and Alice keep dreaming about each other and throughout the study he is very black and white with his feelings. One minute he would be all for Alice giving her high hopes and then the next he’s all about his girlfriend (which honestly, what did Alex expect? He already had a girlfriend, but then again I haven’t read this book and I’m just summarizing what my cousin told me). Alex just keeps on breaking her heart and making her feel stupid for liking him as a result of the dreams. Even though they did get back together in the end, Nikita would still break them up because he was always indecisive about his feelings towards Alice and it would just save her the heartbreak and high hopes.

Tom Buchanan, The Great Gatsby – F. Scott-Fitzgerald | I don’t care what Daisy’s reasons were to stay with him but I would have also left his ass long ago when I found out he had another woman. I get it he’s rich and gives her nice things but that doesn’t cover the fact that he’s an asshole. Also, money doesn’t buy happiness, it just causes more problems. I don’t care either that they have a daughter; more the reason to leave him. I wouldn’t want my daughter to grow up around his kind of influence. (And most of the drama could have been avoided if she left him, just sayin’. She could’ve gone to Nick’s and then maybe run off with Gatsby – although that was another mess).

Romeo, Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare | This one is just a a whole lot of nope. When I had to read this in high school, all the girls were head over heels and I was the only one who didn’t see the point to it and i still don’t. I get teens are melodramatic but come on this is extreme. (Please excuse my improper language/ slang/ cursing but this one really riles me up). While reading it I just wanted to be like “GIRL, THE D AIN’T WORTH IT! YOU’RE A CHILD. IT’S ONLY BEEN 6 DAYS.” I have strict Mexican parents so dating in my teens was a big no-no and yes I did have crushes and wanted to date, but I wasn’t on the verge of dying by suicide because I couldn’t date. That’s just plain stupid. No guy/girl is worth dying for. Move the fuck on.

The following is from Nikita and I’m just going to copy what she wrote because the way she said it was just hilarious. Also, there will be cursing… a lot more than what I have been doing (Do I still have to warn against it? I’ve been cursing up a storm on here for a while now)

Rob, Before I Fall – Lauren Oliver |*when asked why she would break up Rob and Sam* “Simple: BASICALLY HE ONLY DATED HER FOR SOME V, he only wanted to fuck her. Since she relives the day over and over and she realizes she wants to respect her body and not have sex with him. When she said no he basically just broke up with her and like when they were at a party, she wasn’t feeling well and he was like but you promised we were going to fuck. It’s like asshole she said she isn’t feeling well, let her get some rest but then she falls in love with another guy but I would SO BREAK SAM AND ROB UP BECAUSE HE’S A FUCKBOY.”

Well.. that was something alright. 😂😂😂 I hope you enjoyed this week’s Top 5 Wednesday. It was really fun to write with Nikita. Until next time! Let me know who you would break up in the comments!

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