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Bookish Playlist: One of Us is Lying

Hello bookworms! Today we have another bookish playlist and I know it’s been a while but lately I haven’t really been inspired to make playlists for the recent books I’ve read or they’ve been flops and I don’t want to waste more energy on them. I guess this is the first playlist for the year and it’s on a book that I really liked and I’m sure you already know by the title so yes, it’s on One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus.

Now before I get to the playlist… disclaimer time!

Disclaimer: there will be spoilers mentioned. If you have read it or don’t care to be spoiled, please continue. If  not,  click  away.

One of Us Is Lying Playlist:

  1. (Don’t You) Forget About Me – Simple Minds
    1. This is a book inspired by The Breakfast Club, of course I will include this in here plus it kind of reminds me of a certain character… *hint* it’s Simon. Although I know this song’s about two lovers growing apart, I couldn’t help but think of Simon’s apparent suicide and how he wanted to bring people down with him so they can never forget him pretty much.
  2. Just Another Day – Oingo Boingo
    1. Key Lyrics: “It’s just another day, there’s murder in the air…”
    2. The rest of the song (if you really pay attention to the lyrics) is pretty eerie and wicked while also repeatedly implying that “it’s just another day.” That’s what was going on in Bayview, it literally was just another day for these kids and then out of nowhere the’re being framed for murder.
  3. You Don’t Own Me – Lesley Gore
    1. Kind of reminded me of Addy post Jake breakup when she finally realized what a piece of crap he was and how controlling he was. Ugh right from the start I hated Jake and I always thought there was something fishy about him but it wasn’t to the extreme that it was in the end.
  4. Here I Go Again – Whitesnake
    1. A song for Nate, our poor, misunderstood criminal. This song pretty much reminded me of when he pretty much tried to push Bronwyn away because he wasn’t used to people sticking around him; he wasn’t used to having support growing up since both of his parents sucked at some point in his life.
    2. Key Lyrics: “Here I go again on my own Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known Like a drifter I was born to walk alone An’ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time
  5. We’re Not Gonna Take It – Twisted Sister
    1. A song for the Bayview Four since after Nate’s arrest they really stepped up (like more than before) and really tried their best to solve this suicide-disguised-as-murder. They pretty much said “the police ain’t doing shit so we must take matters in our own hands” despite the advice their lawyers gave them about not contacting each other.
  6. Self-Control – Laura Branigan
    1. Reminded me of Bronwyn and how she sort of let herself go a little wild when she started talking to Nate more (ex: sneaking Nate in her house after midnight, letting him give her rides on his motorcycle, the late nights on the phone, not giving a shit and kissing him in public, etc.)
    2. Key Lyrics: “You take my self, you take my self-control, you got me living only for the night, before the morning comes, the story’s told, you take my self, you take my self-control
  7. Who Can It Be Now? – Men At Work
    1. The lyrics serve no relevance to the plot but the title does. Throughout the entire book you’re just wondering “who can it be?” Who would murder Simon?
  8. The Show Must Go On – Queen
    1. Although the backstory to this song is quite tragic and sad (I seriously recommend doing that. I cried when I found out) this could possibly relate to what I said earlier about Simon going out with a bang and how he had Janae (although she refused) and Jake continue out his plan – hence “the show must go on.” Simon’s manifesto must go on.
  9. Pretty in Pink – Psychedelic Furs
    1. This and the next song are bonus songs that serve no relevance to the book. While creating this playlist my mind is thinking of John Hughes films and the 80s so I’m just going to add some of my favorites from his films.
    2. From Pretty in Pink (1986)
  10. We Are Not Alone – Karla DeVito
    1. To conclude this list is another song from The Breakfast Club (1985) film. This is the song used in the dance scene in the library.

That’s all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed this bookish playlist and I’ll see you next time.

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