I’m Baaaack…

Hello bookworms, it’s been a while. I know I’ve been gone since September but honestly I think I needed a break. At the time I was starting to feel overwhelmed by school and keeping up with this blog and not being confident in what I put out. I was always struggling with what kind of content I wanted to put out there and getting new ideas for posts without copying another blogger and such. However, I do miss writing and creating playlists for books and so I’ve decided to give this another try. I will admit while I was out I was seriously considering shutting down this blog. I wasn’t motivated and I felt like I wasn’t as good as other bloggers.

So what will happen now?

I’m going to start blogging again and try to be more active on my Instagram page. I will try to maintain the same blogging schedule I had before, but I will post at least once a week.

And to those followers who are still following me despite my absence, thank you for being patient and for sticking around.

Until next time…

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