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Bookish Playlist: Stolen

Hey bookworms! I recently finished Stolen by Lucy Christopher and I had a lot of feelings about it. I hated it. Now let me explain, I hate it because it was predictable yet it had me completely hooked from the start. In my opinion, it wasn’t bad, just predictable. If you’re curious as to what I mean, I have two words for you: Stockholm Syndrome. That alone should tell you the plot. And if you’re still clueless, Stockholm Syndrome is the phenomena that could happen if saying the victim falls in love with their kidnapper, possibly as a survival technique. 

Anyway, let’s get on with the music!


*Disclaimer: “vague” spoilers are ahead.

  1. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – the Proclaimers | Pretty much talks about how far a man would walk for their love interest. Almost like how far our antagonist, Ty, went for our protagonist, Gemma. (Think: desert)
  2. Fly On the Wall – Miley Cyrus | Although it speaks about the narrator’s jealous/stalker (?) love interest, I couldn’t help but think of Ty stalking Gemma. I’d like to point out that I only remembered about this song because I was listening to a throwback playlist I made on Spotify. 
  3. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley | Cheesy song but reminded me of Ty and his obsession with Gemma. Plus, it’s a very catchy jam. 
  4. In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins | I can picture this playing on a cool evening in the desert once the heat starts to cool off and the stars come out. 
  5. The End – The Doors | Ever since I saw the film, The Doors, I associate this song with the desert. I don’t know about Gemma but I cannot handle the heat well. So I feel like I would be dramatic and lie down somewhere in the shade and sing the beginning lyrics (“This is the end/ Beautiful friend/ This is the end/ My only friend, the end”) over and over until I go even more insane. 
  6. One Way or Another – Blondie | Pretty stalker-ish, just like Ty. 
  7. If We Ever Meet Again – Timbaland ft. Katy Perry | Pretty much reminded me of how Ty was hooked on Gemma after seeing her for the first time. Lyrics: “I’ll never be the same, if we ever meet again/ Won’t let you get away, said if we ever meet again”
  8. House of the Rising Sun – Lauren O’Connell | Ok, for this one I had a very specific vision for this song and I won’t go too into detail due to completely spoiling the beginning. However, let’s just say I had an idea using this song as the intro if it ever becomes a film. Think of the promo for season 3 of American Horror Story using the same song. I want it to be like that but of course using elements from the plot. Here’s the promo if you want to know what I’m talking about: AHS Coven Promo.
  9. A Horse with No Name  – America | At first, this was just a random song I felt Ty would’ve liked until I read the lyrics and found out it also fits in with the desert theme. 
  10. Into the Night – Benny Mardones | I’d like to thank my sister for showing me this song – the music video is a must watch and the comments are hilarious. Pretty much talks about an older fellow loving a 16 year old saying how he won’t let anything get in their way and wishing he could take her away. Lyrics: “She’s just 16 years old, leave her alone, they say” Chorus: “If I could fly/ I’d pick you up/ I’d take you into the night/ and show you a love/ like you’ve never seen – ever seen.” 


Hope you enjoyed this bookish playlist. I had so much fun creating this at 1 am after finishing the book. Also. I have an announcement, I’ve finally decided on a posting schedule and I almost stuck to it last week but I had a family emergency which stopped me from writing Friday’s post. So from here until further notice, I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Until next time, bookworms!

Addy Gonzalez

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