Review: Monday’s Not Coming

Hey Bookworms!

Earlier this year I was given an arc of Monday’s Not Coming and I finally got around to finishing it. My gosh what a trip that was. As usual, a bookish playlist will follow! (I know its been a long time since I’ve made one).


35068534Title: Monday’s Not Coming

Author: Tiffany Jackson

Publication Date: 22 May 2018

Genre: Young Adult Mystery, Young Adult Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★.5 / 5

The first thing I have to make clear is that this isn’t an easy read, but I do have to say it sort of worked out in the end. In this novel we read from Claudia’s point of view who suspects something is wrong when her best friend, Monday, stops showing up for school. She tries everything she can in order to figure out the truth unaware of the trauma she is causing to herself. 

I really enjoyed how it was able to keep me intrigued every time a new little detail on Monday’s disappearance was revealed or when something mentioned earlier in the book made sense in another point. Although I do have to admit the timeline was VERY confusing at first and the chapter titles didn’t help much (ex. “The Before,” “Before The Before,” “After”). After the first few chapters, I found it easier not to pay attention to the chapter titles and just read as if it was going at a normal timeline with occasional flashbacks. 

The plot twist was a little predictable but at the same time it was not. Let me explain, I had my suspicions about a certain aspect and kept that under a microscope throughout the book; however, Jackson did a fantastic job of throwing in mini plot twists to make you question other aspects. (If that made any sense) In the end, I thought this was a fantastic book and I’ll admit I did have a mini book hangover after reading this. I remember I had to put the book down and just stare off into my wall and try to make sense of it all before having a revelation and then I would sit for another period of time thinking “well THAT makes sense now!” 


I would highly recommend this to fans of Young Adult Literature or Mystery/Thriller. As mentioned earlier, the playlist to this song will be released shortly. 

Until next time!

Addy Gonzalez


4 thoughts on “Review: Monday’s Not Coming”

  1. Not going to lie, I wish this spoiler free review dropped a *few* spoilers but that’s perhaps because I like tiny spoilers to know if a book is good or not. (Which is my reviews are dangerous if you like a clean slate, haha.) But this book was a huge July TBR for me!! Thanks for the review 😀

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    1. I was tempted to include a few spoilers but I knew I would get carried away because I think it would require some explanation to understand it. Glad you liked the review 😊


      1. I can understand that, it’s so easy to toe the line between enough and too much with a review. Mystery books are definitely the hardest because everything ends up being a spoiler!

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