Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: 6/6/18

Hey bookworms!

Yes, top 5 Wednesdays are back! May was such a bad month for me, management wise that I decided to put a pause on T5Ws.

Summer Reads | With summer finally kicking off, now is the time to recommend your favorite summer reads, whatever that means.

*I don’t really have books I specifically read during seasons, much less during summer so I’ll recommend books that were set in summer.

The Upside of Unrequited – Becky Albertalli | This happens during the time gay marriage was legalized (aka June). If I have to be honest, I’d say this comes very close to beating Ready Player One as my #1 favorite book. I personally connected to Molly so much that it almost felt as if I were reading about myself.

Nice Try, Jane Sinner – Lianne Oelke | Also set in summer, this was such a fun read even though there were parts that pissed me off (excuse my language) due to a character that managed to get under my skin.

Neversea – Jenetta Penner | I don’t know about you but when I think of summer I think of the beach or pools and this story mostly takes place in the sea. It’s set in a future where water levels keep rising to the point where there’s hardly any land at all and a scientist with a malevolent plan experiments on the young to turn them into merfolk hybrids. It’s an interesting Peter Pan meets the Little Mermaid dystopian retelling.

When We Collided – Emery Lord | If you like books featuring mental health then this is for you. It features a pretty well example of someone with bipolar disorder. At times, the situations with Vivi’s episodes and Jonah trying to help her felt so real since I too know someone I care about that is bipolar and it can be tough at times when you want to help but you’re not really sure how.

This Boy is a Rainbow: The Storm – Sam Payne | In honor of pride month, I present to you a great poetry collection by an LGBTQ+ author. This collection was so beautiful and raw that by the end it left me wanting to give Sam Payne a hug. With his poems, Payne expressed his challenges and emotions as a queer person in society, with love, and with himself.

Sorry I wasn’t able to add pictures of the books as I normally do. I’m working through mobile and I hate the way adding pictures from the Internet is.

Until next time!

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