Review: Worlds of You

Hey bookworms!

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog and I blame this reading slump. However, I do have a few reviews coming your way (hopefully soon). Without a further ado, I had the pleasure of reading Worlds of You by Beau Taplin in exchange for my honest review.

Title: Worlds of You

Author: Beau Taplin

Genre: poetry, contemporary

Publication Date: 22 May 2018

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆/5

In this collection, Beau Taplin primarily focuses on the wide variety of emotions when it comes to love; from falling in love, to falling out of love, to being broken hearted. To keep balance within his poetry, Taplin divides the collection into two sections: Heart & Spirit. The ‘Spirit’ section emphasizes life in general and focusing on yourself.

Rather than reading this as a collection of poetry, I found myself reading this as if I were receiving advice from an older sibling. As someone who’s never really had a relationship, I found that most of these poems gave me the advice I never got.

For example:

The Leap and The Fall

“I trusted him. I gave him everything.

And still, he left.”

“But that’s the risk you take.

It’s not his fault, child.

That’s life.

That’s love.

“They call it falling in love

Because sometimes you’re caught,

And sometimes you’re not.”

-Beau Taplin

Throughout the “heart” section, I found myself learning to love, falling in or out of love, and the feeling the pain of heart break. I felt every emotion from start to finish that gives you an idea of how Taplin must’ve felt during that memory or at the time it was written.

On the other hand, Taplin also reminds the reader the importance of self worth and value and advises that despite everything, the only thing that should matter is you. Once again, Taplin has exceeded my expectations and continues to impress me with his poetry. I definitely recommend this to fans of his poetry or anyone going through the various stages of a relationship.

I can’t wait to read more of his poetry in the future.

Until next time!

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