Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: 5/9/18

Hey Bookworms!

As you may have read in the last top 5 Wednesday, this month’s prompts are freebies or throw back (where if you missed a prompt you can use it for this month). Today I bring you an interesting prompt that I hope you’ll like!


–Weird Book Accessories: these are odd reading accessories that I want to try out either to see if they work or just to have for fun–

Andux Periscope Glasses Easy Lie Down in the Bed for Reading Book Bed Prism Spectacles with Case and Cloth Lr/01

Bed Prism Glasses I want to be able to lay down and read without having to put my arms over my head and risk tiring my noodle arms and dropping a book on my face. The only con I see here is that I use glasses (not for reading- I’m near sighted; plus I am not a contacts type of person) so what if I can’t see the print? Unless these are slightly magnified, I don’t think these would work for me but I’d still like to try.

*Such a stylish pair too 😂

Clip-On Reading Light For Glasses | Ok, this is actually pretty cool because this means I don’t have to keep adjusting my book light every time I turn a page or worry about clipping it to the book. I just have to clip it to my glasses. Only con I see here is for non glasses wearing folk or what if I choose not to wear my glasses (I try not to wear my glasses when I read). 

Ancient Classic Book Style Tissue Box Cover,old World European Design Tissue Paper Holder,royal Blue

Book Style Tissue BoxI don’t know about you but I sometimes cry when I read and it would be pretty handy to have tissues by my side. What better than a book style tissue box? Just picture this: someone asks if you have any tissues (for some reason) and you whip out this bad boy and they’re dumbfounded because that’s not a tissue box that’s a book but then you PULL OUT A TISSUE AND THEY’RE AMAZED (ok, that’s exaggerating but still it’d be cool). 

The Illuminated Bookmark

Illuminated BookmarkISN’T THIS THE COOLEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN!? The way it works is that the bookmark is a special film with ink that conducts electricity, then you put a lithium coin between the two ends (aka positive and negative). As cool as this seems I feel like 1) my fingers would get tired of pinching it 2) the film will stay bent after using it for a while 3) I’m not entirely sure what a lithium coin is unless they meant those small round batteries (at first I thought they meant a coin like a currency but then I saw lithium)

Library Embosser

Personalized Library EmbosserThis is pretty amazing and if you were to lend out books, this could be a reminder to the person that that is not their book and should return it to you and not keep it. I don’t lend out books but I think this would be pretty fun to do. 


Have any of you seen or tried these out? I’m curious to see if these really work. I know Jesse the Reader has tried the prism glasses and had an odd experience but I wonder about the others. 

Until next time!

Addy Gonzalez

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