Series I Have Yet to Finish

Hey Bookworms!

I know I haven’t been posting lately, but I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. It’s nothing major, but I’m trying to bounce back from it. And with no further ado, here are series I want to finish but haven’t because I’m full of excuses when it comes to it.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

It’s mentioned a lot on this blog, but I never finished Percy Jackson since I first read The Lightning Thief in middle school. I tried reading 2 more but I overhyped myself into reading TLT that the next 2 were a drag.

Queen of Hearts – Colleen Oakes

I believe this one is a trilogy and so far I’ve only read the first book. When I went to find the second book the first time, it was hardcover and I don’t want another mismatched series so I waited. When the paperback was available, the only copies Barnes and Noble had were banged up 😑 (plus I’m not an online shopper; I don’t like waiting).

The Merciless – Danielle Vega

Random fact about this book: the cover (s) feature an inverted pentagram and this is the only book I’ve hidden from my mother. She’s a devout Catholic and if she were to see it, all hell would break loose (almost literally). That may be the main factor as to why I haven’t gotten the rest of the series (despite also waiting for the paperback versions).

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

To be honest I’m kind of iffy for this one. I have read Read Queen and have started King’s Sword, but it’s going to slow for me. I feel like there’s not much going on in the second book and it’s just there, almost like a filler. I do want to continue on, but I don’t want to have to push myself through it.

Not sure what the series is called but they’re books on Disney villains and their stories – Serena Valentino

I’ve read the first two on the evil queen and the Beast and loved them. For this series I’m thinking about waiting for the boxed set of them instead of individually buying each hardcover (since I haven’t seen paperback versions).

That’s all I have for you today folks! Just a heads up, I don’t believe there will be a top 5 Wednesday this week either unless I can come up with a prompt myself. I will make it up to you by….. a bookish playlist. It’s still in the works, but expect it by tomorrow.

Until next time!

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