The Hardest Game of “Would You Rather” (as said by Epic Reads)

Hey Bookworms!

I thought I’d make another post today to make up for not posting lately and what better way than a game? These topics come from Epic Reads and feel free to play along!


Rules: Choose your destiny carefully, and then see how your answers compare to a few bibliophiles.

Would You Rather Drop  Your Favorite Book in the Toilet OR Watch it Fall Into a Wood Chipper?

I think I will go with the toilet. As long as there are no surprises in the toilet I can probably dry it try to salvage it. 

71% voted for the toilet.

Would You Rather Read Only 1 Book a Year but Remember Everything OR Read 100 Books a Year but Remember Nothing.

Well… I kind of already do the latter (I forget the minor details). Maybe with the latter you can reread the book as if you’re reading it for the first time. Verdict: I’d rather read 100 books and remember nothing.

63% voted for 100 books but remember nothing.

Would You Rather Read Only the First Page OR Read Only the Last Page?

I’d rather read the first page otherwise the ending will be spoiled even if I don’t know what’s going on.

46% Voted First Page

Would You Rather Get Locked in a Library OR Get Locked in a Bookstore?

Hmm…. If I had at least $100, I’d say bookstore that way when it opens I can buy all the books I strategically put aside during the night. 

66% Voted Bookstore

Would You Rather Drop Your Book in a Lake OR Accidentally Set it on Fire?

First of all, I can’t swim so lake is not an option. I’d say set it on fire. At least it’ll look pretty. 

22% Voted Fire

Would You Rather Read a Book with a Cliffhanger Ending OR Read a Book with a Heartbreaking Ending?

I say heartbreaking ending. After crying my heart out I’ll get over it… eventually.

54% Voted Heartbreaking

Would You Rather Have the Book’s Ending Spoiled OR Never Know What Happens?

I’ve had books being spoiled before and I usually forget about it until I’m at the end of a book so there’s my answer.

77% Voted Spoilers

Would You Rather Read Only One Genre Forever OR Never Repeat the Same Genre After Reading it Once?

I can stay with one genre.

83% Voted One Genre

Would You Rather Read A Book Where the Main Character is Killed Off OR Read a Book Where the Love Interest Is Killed Off?

Kill the lover. They’ll get over it eventually. 

58% Voted Love Interest

Would You Rather Read a Book That’s Missing the Middle Chapter OR Read a Book That’s Missing the First and Last Chapters?

I have read a book that was missing the middle chapters. My Hunger Games book was missing chapters after 12-15 and repeated 12-15. At first I thought that was part of the book until my creative writing teacher said no. I still have it though.

90% Voted No Middle Chapter

Would You Rather Love a Book Everybody Hates OR Hate a Book Everyone Loves?

Hate a book everyone loves.

65% Voted Hate a Book Everyone Loves

Would You Rather Loan a Book to a Friend Who’s Known to Ruin Books OR Drop a Book in a Pit of Snakes?

I’ll take the snakes any day.

64% Voted Snakes

Would You Rather be Stuck on a Deserted Island without a Book OR Be Stuck in a Library Full of Books in a Language You Can’t Read?

Library. I could attempt to learn the language. 

72% Voted Library

Would You Rather Bring Only 1 Book on a 12 Hour Flight OR Bring an e-reader with Only 10% left on a 4 Hour Flight?

I’d rather bring 1 book. If it’s a big book, I can be entertained for days. 

91% Voted 1 Book

Last but not least….

Would You Rather Find Out Your Best Friend Hates Your Favorite Book OR Share a Favorite Book with Your Worst Enemy?

I can handle my best friend hating my favorite book. She’s entitled to her own opinion. 

48% Voted Best Friend


That wasn’t that hard, but it was still fun to do. I’d love to hear what you picked and feel free do check it out on Epic Reads. 

Until next time!

Addy Gonzalez

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