Review: Bending the Universe

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I apologize that this review is fairly late. I’ve had a lot of things on my plate as of late and I’m starting to get back into reading and reviewing little by little. I have two more reviews planned for the near future so stay tuned!



Title: Bending the Universe

Author: Justin A. Wetch

Publication Date: 28 February 2018 (republished)

Genre: Poetry, Contemporary

Rating: ☆☆☆☆.5/ 5

Bending the Universe is a collection of poetry by Justin A. Wetch that touches five different topics such as Society, Love, Life, Personal, and Nature. Each poem in each section touches various topics within that specific theme. The poems are relatively straightforward with a hint of floral elements (if that makes sense).

A few of the poems can rhyme but it’s not used throughout the entire collection (which can throw someone off). Besides being straightforward, the poems are also very thought provoking, especially in the first section (Society). However, there are some poems that are not intended for the easily offended. Some poems can be heavy and really pack a punch to those who are more sensitive to certain topics (i.e. politics, relationships). That being said, these poems can be brutally honest, which is not something I have seen a lot in poetry (personally speaking). Although it did take me aback the first time, I really liked that aspect. it is nice to read poetry that doesn’t sugarcoat the harsh truth.

Love is Dead

We’ve started accepting

A shadow of love

As the real thing;

We’ve started being content

With the shallows

And never learning to swim.

Making love has become ‘Netflix and Chill`

While smoking green and popping pills

Sending flowers

Has become sexting emojis

Nobody remembers ‘taking it slowly’

Quality time

Is a thing of the distant past

We love for a night and nothing lasts

Ballroom dancing

Has become dance floor grinding

O-faces have replaced smiling

We don’t connect, we hook up, we

Don’t get together, we ‘get lucky.’

Kissing in the rain

Is now making out at a beach party

While crossfaded on booze and Molly

True intimacy

Before honesty required whiskey

Is only glimpsed when tipsy

Love is Dead

And we are each to blame

When we took lighters over wild flame.

Rest in peace

To love, once indescribable,

Now nothing desirable

Love was never perfect

And the past is no golden age

But I can’t help but feel

We could do better.

To finish off, some of these poems seemed rather personal in the good sense that it feels as if it was tailored for the reader, which is something I really enjoy. Overall, I did really enjoy this and I have already started recommending it to close friends.

Until next time!

Addy Gonzalez

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