The Various Stages of Studying

Greetings and Salutations Bookworms!

As I am preparing (or should be preparing) for exams, presentations, and projects this week I decided to share the various stages of studying I personally go through. Hope you enjoy!

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Eye of the Tiger

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That moment where you’re just about to start studying and you’re hyping yourself up. You have a game plan for when to study, what to study, how to study, and most importantly when to have food breaks. At this stage, you’re also pumping yourself up with a motivational playlist to get you pumped to study. You’re practically preparing yourself to study as if you were gosh darn Rocky Balboa getting ready for a fight. You’re blasting Eye of the Tiger or Burning Heart to get your heart pumping and your brain working.

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What’s This

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At this point, you’re 5-10 minutes into study time when you realize “I have no idea what I just read” or “I really need to start paying attention in class.” You start to feel like Jack Skellington wandering through Christmas Town singing “what’s this?” You’re staring at your book or screen with wide eyes trying to make sense of it all while your hand jots down every thing you need to focus on. At this stage you’re most likely highlighting the entire paragraph because everything is important, right?

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You’ve made the mistake of leaving your phone near you so at any chance you get or at every notification, you stop what you’re doing and check just real quick, I promise! Next thing you know you have fallen deep into the abyss that is procrastination. Maybe by this time you’re on your 10th food break. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably posting a picture of your desk on your Instagram story using the caption “study time!” Next thing you know, it’s been an hour later and you’re still on the second page and you’re probably sending your best friend animal videos (the entire friendship with my best guy friend is sending each other dog pictures/videos). Also at this point, you start to feel like SpongeBob when he gets stuck at Rock Bottom and hes trying to get out.

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WHuUaAAt Is HAppEniNG?

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This is for when you start to realize you spent all day doing nothing productive and have wasted your day distracted by other things. At this point the panic starts to seep through and you try your best to remain calm and try to rationalize the time you have left between there and the quiz/exam/etc. Which brings us to…

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↑ An exact replica of what I look like before an exam. 

This is the “I’m going to have a panic attack and possibly rip out all of my hair” stage. It’s full on panic that you have wasted precious time not studying and now it’s half an hour before the exam/quiz and you’re trying to cram every single detail into your brain hoping it sticks. Whew, that was a long sentence. At this point you probably are on your 100th cup of coffee (or any liquid stimulant of your choice) and are having the shakes because you are still panicking and haven’t slept a wink. You’re also probably getting twitchy eyes and flinching at sunlight. 

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After your exam/quiz you probably have another thing to study for which will begin the cycle all over again. You say you’ll manage your time more wisely next round, but we all know that’s not going to happen. 


I really hope you all enjoyed this one I had so much fun writing it even though I have tons of homework to be working on. I hope you are liking these types of posts. Let me know if you do or if you have any suggestions! Also, what are your stages of studying? 

Until next time!

Addy Gonzalez

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