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Bookish Playlist: Red Queen

Greetings and Salutations Bookworms! 

Before I begin today’s bookish playlist I must warn you there will be spoilers in this one. So if you haven’t read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, I suggest clicking away. I tried to make this spoiler free, but there were some songs that reminded me of a specific scene. And without a further ado, let’s begin. 

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  1. Another Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd 
    • Ok, bare with me because this one gets metaphorical. In reference to the title, I saw the Reds as the bricks in the Wall surrounding the Silver Cities (much like the Berlin Wall). 
    • In reference to the music video/movie, the children reminded me of the Reds and the teachers are the Silvers. As in, the Silvers belittling the Reds, pretty much making them to be their puppets.
  2. Bite My Tongue – You at Me Six
    • This kind of reminded me of how Mare had to pretend to be a Silver and the rage she felt because if she said anything out of bounds not only will she be killed but so will everyone she loves.
    • Key Lyrics: You keep me on the edge of my seat/ I bite my tongue so you don’t hear me/ I wanna hate every part of you with me/ I can’t hate the ones who made me.
  3. Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill 
    • Mare’s involvement with the Scarlet Guard reminded me of how Katniss in the Hunger Games became the face of the revolution. Mare became the face of the Scarlet Guard (lowkey at first).
    • Key Lyrics: When she talks, I hear the revolution/ In her hips, there’s revolutions/ When she walks, the revolution’s coming/ In her kiss, I taste the revolution!
  4. Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
    • I feel like this would be a perfect song to play during Cal and Mare’s “execution.” Ok, let me explain. Picture this: the instrumental intro plays just as we start to think Mare is doomed, but then as she gains control of her power and lightning strikes,  we hear Robert Plant’s excellent vocals. A moment of badassness much like in Thor: Ragnarok (which used the same song).
  5. Raise Hell – Dorothy
    • A song for the Scarlet Guard and their Little Lightning Girl
  6. She’s a Queen – Together Pangea
    • To Mare, From Cal
    • Key Lyrics: Yeah, she’s a queen/ But she’ll always let you know/ She’s a walking disaster/ She’ll never let it show/ She’s my queen/ She’ll never let me go/ She’s a walking disaster/ She’ll never let it show
    • Fun fact: Together Pangea is a local Los Angeles band and I got a chance to meet them at a concert at my university.
  7. They Don’t Care About Us – Michael Jackson
    • An anthem for the Reds
    • Key Lyrics: Beat me, hate me/ You can never break me/ Will me, thrill me/ You can never kill me
  8. The Trial – Pink Floyd
    • In a way, Mare and Cal’s “execution” scene also reminded me of this song when Maven was making his speech. Maven being like Judge Worm from the song accusing Cal of a murder he did not commit. 
    • Key Lyrics: The evidence before the court is/ Incontrovertible, there’s no need for/ The jury to retire/ In all my years of judging/ I have never heard before/ Of someone more deserving/ Of the full penalty of law
  9. Fight For Your Right (to Party) – Beastie Boys
    • Pretty much ‘fight for your right’ not to party, but for equal rights.
  10. We’re Not Gonna Take It – Twisted Sister
    • Another anthem for the Scarlet Guard and the Reds
    • Key Lyrics: Oh, we’re not gonna take it/ No, we ain’t gonna take it/ Oh, we’re not gonna take it anymore/ We’ve got the right to choose it/ There ain’t no way we’ll lose it/ This is our life, this is our song/ We’ll fight the powers that be just/ Don’t pick our destiny ’cause/ You don’t know us, you don’t belong.
  11. Somebody Got Murdered – The Class
    • I thought this one was funny because when the Silvers are involved, if someone goes ‘missing’ chances are they’re dead or soon to be dead.
  12. I’m Still Standing – Elton John
    • Despite everything, Mare Barrow is ‘still standing’ with her head held high
    • Key Lyrics: And don’t you know I’m still standing better than I ever did?/ Looking like a true survivor/ Feeling a little kid/ And I’m still standing after all this time.
  13. Riot – Three Days Grace
    • Yet another anthem for the Reds
    • Key Lyrics: If you feel so empty/ So used up, so let down/ If you feel so angry/ So ripped off, so stepped on/ You’re not the only one/ Refusing to back down/ You’re not the only one/ So get up/ Let’s start a riot, a riot
  14. People are People – Depeche Mode
    • For both the Reds and Silvers
    • Key Lyrics: 
      So we’re different colors/ And we’re different creeds/ And different people have different needs/ It’s obvious you hate me/  Though I’ve done nothing wrong/ I never even met you/ So what could I have done/ I can’t understand/ What makes a man/ Hate another man/ Help me understand/ People are people so why should it be/ You and I should get along so awfully.
  15. Holiday – Green Day
    • Essentially this is a song about government corruption, but in this case let’s say it’s about corruption within the monarchy.
    • Key Lyrics: Hear the song of the falling rain/ Coming down like an Armageddon flame (hey!)/ A shame/ The ones who died without a name/ Hear the dogs howlin’ out of key/ To a hymn called faith and misery (hey!)/ And bleed, the company lost the war today/ I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies/ This is the dawning of the rest of our lives.

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And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this bookish playlist. I know this one has spoilers and I do mean when I say I try to keep it spoiler free. 


Have you read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard? What did you think? Let me know in the comments bellow 😄.

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