Time Bubble Book Tag

Greetings and Salutations bookworms! 

As of late I’ve been looking up some book tags to do and this one caught my interest. This tag was created by The Book Loving Pharmacist and I found this through Thrice Read‘s blog.

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Picture this, you’ve encountered a bubble or portal which, if you step through, can manipulate the time inside. With this, you can read all the books you want and when you step out of the bubble, no time has passed in the real world. You can finally make time for all those books you’ve been ignoring. So, now that you’ve stepped through the time bubble, answer the following questions:

What book (or audiobook) have you been meaning to read for a long time but haven’t gotten around reading?

Dracula -Bram Stoker As much as I love classic horror films, I can’t quite get into the classic novels that come with it. I’ve tried reading Dracula, but I find myself getting sidetracked with something else. Sometimes when I cannot get into a book it helps when someone’s reading it to me – which I’ll probably end up doing for Dracula eventually…

A book you have been meaning to reread, but haven’t.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Rick Riordan To be honest, I only have books 1-3 because they were assigned books for a Literature class I had in middle school. After the Lightning Thief I wasn’t super into the next two – mostly because I felt like the others couldn’t top the first book. As of late, I’ve been thinking it’s time to give these books another chance and possibly buy the rest of the series. (It’s been 6-7 years since I first read them)

A book from a genre you don’t normally read, but have been meaning to try and give it a chance.

Spellbinder – Helen Stringer I’ve had this book since my junior year high school math analysis teacher gave it to me and I have not read it. I’m not a huge fan of paranormal fiction, but I’m willing to try. 

A series you’ve been wanting to read, but haven’t because of how long it is.

ALL OF CASSANDRA CLARE’S BOOKS I do have one of her books and I was going to read it until I realized pretty much all of her series are interconnected somehow. However, this will never happen because well let’s face it, it’s a lot of books and I do not have that kind of money to buy them. Also, there’s A LOT of hype over these books and I have been let down by some over-hyped books that I decided to read and I don’t want to invest that much money only to be disappointed. 

A book you wish you could go back in time and read for the first time.

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline I did recently read this, but a part of me wants to experience the OASIS again, but for the first time. I want to feel all the feels, the adrenaline, and the adventure.

A book recommendation you have been putting off.

Honestly, every book recommendation I’ve gotten goes over my head, except for Ready Player One. I can never remember what people recommend me or when I do remember, I’m not in the mood for that genre.

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Let me know your picks for any of these topics in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Until next time!



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