Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: 1/31/18

Greetings and Salutations bookworms!

I know as of late my posts have been quite repetitive and not very exciting, BUT fear not my good friends for I am planning many more blog posts for February including book tags, more printable bookmarks, and so much more. There will be new material so don’t you worry. Alright, enough of this, let’s get started!


Hidden Gemstone in Your Favorite Genre:

–What are some of your favorite books in your favorite genre that don’t get a lot of hype–

*I don’t necessarily have a favorite genre. It’s more like an age group (Young Adult)*

3432478The Forest of Hands and Teeth – Carrie Ryan (the trilogy)

When my neighbor first suggested I’d read this book, I did not expect much. I was fairly new to dystopian novels, much less a post-apocalyptic books. In the end, I gave it a try and I fell IN LOVE with it. I could not put it down and I cried so many times. Afterwards, I needed MORE, but unfortunately my neighbor didn’t have the rest of the books. Luckily, I found them in my public library and proceeded to devour them as well. I never expected to like a zombie book so much like I did with this one. I haven’t heard much hype over it either. Then again, I read this before I knew bookstagram and Goodreads were a thing.

11300302Alice in Zombieland – Gena Showalter

Well, well, well, looks like I couldn’t get enough of zombies after the first book. Yeah, that’s right. After The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I needed more zombie books and of course I consulted my neighbor and mentioned this beauty. I love fairy tale retellings, but I LOVE Alice in Wonderland even more. So now there’s a zombie book about Alice being badass fighting zombies in the dead of night? I’m sold! Once again this was before I knew about bookstagram and goodreads so I did not see much hype around this book. (My only regret is that I do not have the complete series. I keep saying I’ll buy them next time I go to Barnes and Noble, but then oh, look! a shiny new book! pops up or the covers are slightly damaged and well yeah.)

24346507Perdita – Faith Gardner

This is probably the first young adult paranormal (?) book I’ve read. I found this at a second hand bookstore for 2 dollars. Unlike the previous two, I did read this after discovering bookstagram and goodreads. I did search it on instagram and found hardly anything. Now that I think about it, I kind of forgot what it was about.

27969100The Assassin Game – Kirsty McKay

This is another favorite that was not hyped at all (at least not that I know of). I will admit that at first I kind of had a hard time getting into it, but after a few chapters I was hooked. I read this in the summer and during that time I would take my niece to the backyard with a quilt and a book and read while she played. Now that I think about it, I miss those days under the trees. 


7948945Falling Under – Gwen Hayes

After I read Fallen by Lauren Kate, I wanted more books with angels and demons and found this. It’s quite similar in a way: you have the “ordinary” girl who falls for a “mysterious” fellow and turns out he has a dark secret and she gets sucked into his world. In this case, Theia falls for a half demon and not an angel. Sounds a little cheesy but pre-teen me devoured it. It was so underhyped that I didn’t even know there was a sequel (yes I do have it now and no I still haven’t read it. I’m a little scared to.).


Well, there you go, my top five hidden gems within my favorite “genre.” Let me know in the comments: what’s your favorite book(s) in your favorite genre that didn’t receive the hype it should have? 

See you next time! Stay amazing my friends, 


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