Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: 1/3/18

Greetings and Salutations, your ghost with the most here and welcome to the first post/Top 5 of the Tear!

I hope your new year’s eve/day were fun and safe. As for myself, I spent it with two cousins at Knott’s Berry Farm (a theme park in SoCal). They had a new year’s eve event and it was amazing (until the countdown and people began cramming into the same spot to see the firework show). Well, without a further ado, let’s get into this week’sĀ  top 5, shall we?


Reading Resolutions:
–self explanatory, let us know 5 of your reading goals–

  1. Balance School Reading with Reading for Pleasure
    a. I want to be able to read text books without itching to read my current read or switching to my current read because I got bored. I need to set times where I read for fun and read to study.
  2. Read More Books Relating to Major (Fiction or Not)
    a. I’m currently majoring in Psychology and this year I want to read more books relating to psychology, mental health, or even psych textbooks. I have a few psychology textbooks that were given to me that I have yet to read.
  3. Push Myself to Read Books That Have Been on My tbr
    a. We all know which ones those are. The books that have been on your shelves for months or years that you still have not gotten around to reading.
  4. Read 60 Books
    a. Last year my goal was 80 books, but after struggling between meeting that goal and school work, I decided to push that number back a little bit. I know my Goodreads says 80 again and that’s mainly because I want to try again but be more organized about it (as in set dates of when I should be done with a book and include nonfiction psychology books as well).
  5. Keep Up a Book Journal
    a. I started a book journal recently, mostly to keep track of reviews, bookish playlists, and blog posts, but I want to be able to carry on with it and not “forget” about it. I want to be able to finish a journal and not leave it started.


Well, happy New Year everone. Here’s to 2018, may it not suck as much as 2017 and may the year of the dog be a good boy.Ā 

Stay amazing my friends,


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: 1/3/18”

  1. I like your goals!

    I started a bullet journal that focuses pretty much mainly on my blog / reading and I’m hoping to keep up with it throughout the year as well! I also bought an actual journal to write my reading progress in – when I started what book and when I finish it – I just think it’d be fun to look back into it at the end of the year but I also have the stinking feeling that I’m going to ignore the thing a few months in, haha.

    Good luck on reaching your goals!

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    1. Thanks and good luck to you as well. I started am bullet journal too also mainly for my blog and to track reviews and such. As for reading progress, I made a chart using Excel to track all the books I’ve read. I have a feeling I’ll abandon the journal too just like last year šŸ˜‚

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      1. Thank you!
        I set myself a goal of writing 70 reviews this year and then found out that I wrote like 77 in half a year last year.. So I’m thinking I’m going to try and write 70 reviews on books I got through NetGalley / authors / Librarything. That way it’ll be a bit more of a challenge, haha.
        I’m also keeping track on an Excel-sheet! If only because Goodreads’ page-count doesn’t always add up compared to my own tracking..
        Oh, I’ll keep my fingers crossed you don’t! So far I’m really liking having my bujo to grab whenever I have an idea or something I need to put on my to do-list.

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      2. Ooh I also want to do more reviews as well but have some form of guideline to it, more structured and organized. So far, I’ve made myself a starter template with a summary, likes, dislikes, and overall rating (if there’s anything you can suggest, I would appreciate it so much)
        I have the same problem with tracking with Goodreads! It’s annoying having to log on through a desktop to see the different book versions that matches the one I have. Also, I like being able to use Excel offline for when there’s no internet or reception.

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      3. Honestly, when it comes to reviews you really have to find the way that works best for you. I used to just comment on each aspect of a book, from writing – worldbuilding – characters – plots – … and then started changing it to “the good” and “the bad”. There are also people just doing reviews in bullet points; or simply giving five / ten reasons to read or not read a certain book. It’s a matter of finding the thing that works for you best really!

        Yuup! I do try but sometimes I get so behind on updating my Goodreads. I’m doing well so far but.. Let’s face it.. We’re only seven days in the year so there’s plenty of time to stuff up, haha.

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      4. Thanks for the tip! As of now, I write bullet points in a notebooks of what I like, dislike, a summary, and overall thoughts which I’ll elaborate more when I write the review. It’s something new for me, but we’ll see how it goes.

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