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Current Reads: 12/7/17

Greetings and Salutations, your ghost with the most here with an update.

As the year comes to an end and the pressure of my Goodreads challenge increases, I realize I need to step it up on my reading. According to Goodreads, I need to read seven more books to fulfill my goal of 80 books.  As of now I am behind by one book and well finals are next week which have been consuming my life as of late. I will try my hardest to reach my goal.

I am slowly realizing that I will need to get moving on the December book challenge as mentioned in a previous post. So far I have started to read Percy Jackson (does 2 pages count?) until I realized I forgot to do an assignment. However, I did finish a book within the first two days and although it is not the book I originally planned to read, it does satisfy one of the tasks.


And without a further ado, here’s what I’m currently reading:

The Immortal Circus (Cirque des Immortels, #1)The Immortalists Circus: Active One (Cirque des Immortels #1) by A.R. Kahler

  • A fascinating tale about Vivien who unknowingly at the time signed her life away to the mysterious Cirque des Immortels. As an outside threat becomes more and more violent, the circus performers reveal their true nature and Vivien is exposed to a world she never knew was real and now she learns she’s not so ordinary after all.
  • So far this is the first book is have finished this month and yes it satisfies the “Elves (Short book)” task. (You can read more about it here.) Although this book was pretty entertaining, it wasn’t enough to get me to continue on with the trilogy. Maybe it’s the instalove in the first chapter or the constant confusion of what’s real and what’s not, I don’t know.


33268194When I Died by Elizabeth Eckert

  • I just started reading this so I will include the description:

“When Adrianna dies, it’s not what she expected.

The police section off the area even though there is no crime. She was not mugged, struck down, shot, or stabbed. She simply dies, leaving bystanders with expressions of sadness, surprise, and curiosity.

Death brings with it something else: She doesn’t know if she’s a spirit, a ghost, or the beginnings of a zombie. But she can still see, think, and remember.

Meanwhile, there’s Jonathan. While it’s unclear if he’s an angel or something else, he seems to know that Adrianna is meant to serve a great purpose and that there’s a reason she’s continued on.

Jonathan must also try to unravel the mystery of Dierdre, a child who for some reason has not moved forward in the afterlife. He thinks there must be a reason for that, but he struggled to figure out why she’s trapped in between worlds.”

To be honest, my interest isn’t this book mostly came from the fact that the main character’s name is the same as mine (Addy is a nickname and I spell it with one ‘n’). It also satisfies the “Elves” task.

6676603The Lightning Thief  (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) by Rick Riordan

  • Many of you may already know this title and yes so far I have only read 2 pages. Due to having to carry around a large laptop to school this week, I did not want to add extra weight to my backpack, so I’ve been reading eBooks. I hope by next week I’ll be able to switch my laptop to a book.


Well, there you have it folks. Hopefully I will have a much more interesting update with more titles or tasks finished. I’d like to wish everyone who has finals good luck. We can do this 💪.

Stay jolly my friends,


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