Midterm Madness and Self Care

Greetings and Salutations your ghost with the most here with something a little different today. I know I know I haven’t been posting. I’ve been so busy with school lately I fear I’m behind on OWNtober. The point is: Midterms SUCK (any kind of testing really) but it is important not to abandon self care. So in the middle of this midterm madness as I await for my ride, I should be studying for my stats midterm tomorrow yet I’m writing this quick little post with tips and my self care routine.

When I’m under stress, whether it’s a lot or a little bit, I find myself more irritable, more prone to crying, and unable to concentrate/easily distracted (as I am right now). Often times I just want to pull at my hair and scream, but I replace those negative actions with more positive ones. (Well my ride’s here but I’ll continue to write in the car)

Now what does Addy do to keep sane in these times?

1. Draw/Paint or any form of craft:
• For me, drawing and painting has always been my therapy for my depression/anxiety but I also find it helpful when dealing with stress. The beauty about it is that you don’t need a specific thing to draw (like a person/thing/landscape etc.) You just need a tool of your choice and a media of your choice and just go at it. You can just release any emotions you have bottled up inside onto paper, canvas, etc. It can be disturbing & macabre or happy & colorful, it’s your own creation. Not only does it help release emotions, it’s also a form of distraction. **important! YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE “TALENTED” TO CREATE ART. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED BECAUSE SOMEONE’S CREATION IS “BETTER THAN YOURS”
2. At home spa treatment:

• I know sometimes you just want to leave everything and go to a spa but it could be expensive.
• Here’s my cheap version:
○ Start by clearing time in your schedule, whether it’s a day, afternoon, or even just an hour
○ Take a shower or bath- that way you feel refreshed and relaxed. While in the bath or once out the shower, treat yourself to a face mask (we can’t forget skin care and don’t forget to moisturize)
○ Usually I’ll pamper myself by shaping my eyebrows, give myself a mani-pedi,and do my makeup even if I’m not going anywhere
○ Mani-Pedi: literally just take off nail polish and soak them in water for a bit then cut/file them, moisturize with massage, and paint them if I’m up for it. Repeat for toes.
3. Relax with beverage of your choice: 
• Boil some water for tea, brew some coffee, make some hot chocolate anything you wish and cozy up with a blanket (unless it’s summer then blast the AC) and watch some TV or read a book. Allow yourself to be distracted but not too distracted.

4. Go outside:
If I’m on campus and need an escape I walk the half mile to the school’s arboretum. I either go for a walk or just sit in the shade beneath a tree and just take in everything around me. Avoid using your phone. Really feel aware of what’s around you. Listen to the birds chirping, feel the dirt under your shoes, smell the flowers, appreciate the beauty in nature.

5. Read:
• self explanatory

6. Listen to music:
• Personally I cannot live without music. So if I’m feeling stressed I put on calming music/encouraging songs to get me motivated
• Some favorites:
○ Alive – Pearl Jam
○ Thank You – Dido
○ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
○ Getting Better – The Beatles
○ Fighter- Christina Aguilera
○ Rock n’ Roll Suicide – David Bowie
○ **if you have any motivational songs feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear your recommendations 😊

7. Write:
• Sometimes even writing helps. Keep a journal or diary or even write a letter or email to a friend. Sometimes I need to rant and my amazing best friend let’s me rant to her through text, email, or snail mail. You don’t have to share what you wrote with others if you don’t want to. For me, it helps sending my best friend what I wrote because then she can offer me advice or distract me by initiating mindless chat.

8. Cry:
• Sounds funny but sometimes all we need is a good cry. Whether you’re silently crying or on the floor sobbing, it’s good and healthy to cry. It’s OK to cry. You’re allowed to do so when you feel overwhelmed. Don’t be ashamed, we all cry. I do, too frequent but it helps.

9. Lash out:
• Just like we need a good cry sometimes, we also need to release some anger at some point. And I don’t mean go out and murder someone but something small like punching a pillow for example. When I’m stressed I can be fueled by rage and will lash out. When in need to be violent, I isolate myself in my room with a few soft things and will let go. Recently, I found myself getting a bed comforter (when rolled up) and just slamming it on the ground. After a while I felt relieved and the anger slowly went away.
10. ASMR:
• If you do not know what ASMR is, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. In shorter terms, it means you get ~tingles~ when you listen to a certain sound or see something. It will sound weird the first time just letting you know. To be frank, this is my guilty pleasure and one of my favorites among this list. I find this very relaxing (in fact I’m listening to one right now) Not only does it help you relax but if can also put you to sleep. When I have trouble sleeping, I’ll have my tablet next to my pillow playing an ASMR video.
• tip: there are thousands and thousands of videos targeted to different things that trigger your tingles. Explore ASMRists. Just like YouTubers, each ASMRist has their own style and techniques.

• Make sure to get your 8 glasses of water daily 😄

And that’s my self care routine if I’m stressed, having a depression episode, or getting high anxiety. Not all of these will work for everyone this is just what works for me. If you do any of these please let me know how it went,if it worked for you or if you already some of these things too.

Now I did a poll on Instagram on what blog post to do next and the majority said favorite “scary” movies. I’m not sure when I will post that (either before or after this one) but I will have it done within the next few days.

If you’re in school, good luck on your midterms and/or any form of exam. 👍You got this👍

Stay creepy my friends. Take care of yourselves. 💕💕


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