Review: Harbour of Light

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Your ghost with the most here 🙂 back with another review. I know you must be tired of so many reviews but do not fear more content will be uploaded (I smell a possible birthday post coming up – as in my birthday is tomorrow). Anyways, onward to the review.

Special thanks to Elle Scott for the opportunity to be a part of her review team and for a digital copy of this amazing novel.


Title: Harbour of Light (The Incandescent Series #2)

Author: Elle Scott

Genre: Young Adult

Description: Continue the journey with Nora, Kate, and Vivian as their choices make more impact than ever before. While shocking revelations, new alliances and unlikely friendships are made, the threat that looms becomes clearer.

Whose choices will lead them to make the ultimate sacrifice?

“I’m on the edge of the world yet stuck inside a vice. It grips my heart, my voice, my mind – it won’t let me go.”

– Elle Scott


Once again, Elle has me at the edge of my seat reading Harbour of Light. We continue on with Nora’s adventure with the rest of team Alpha as new threats emerge. Told in three different female points of view (Nora, Vivian, and Kate), we are sucked into the world that is the Incandescent Series. Here we feel as if we are in the middle of all the action, fighting side my side Team Alpha or witnessing the powerful things Nora can do with her abilities. Elle Scott has a way with words that makes you feel every emotion from heartbreak to joy to anger to fear to nervousness. It is an emotional roller-coaster, but it doesn’t stop there. Just like the previous novel, Harbour of Light is just as fast-paced with even more plot twists that will leave you a bit whip lashed in the best way possible.

If you have read Ray of Light and know the characters, then you will be able to see them grow in the sequel. You see characters break down and get back on their feet again and that is one of the themes I picked up from the book – growth. You may fall down and think it’s the end of the world, but we all have a silver lining that helps us get back up on our feet and surpass whatever challenge we may face. Whether it’s with the help of a friend or a sudden realization within yourself.

I cannot wait to continue on with this series!

Buy Ray of Light here *The kindle version is free for a limited time only!

Buy Harbour of Light here

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