Top 5 Wednesday

T5W: February 20, 2019

Caution: Spoilers ahead... Don't say I didn't warn you.

Top 5 Wednesday

T5W: February 6, 2019

Hello bookworms! Today we have another Top 5 Wednesday list for you. (T5W is a weekly tag in which you are given a prompt and are to select your  top 5 for that category; themes, books, characters, authors, etc. Prompts I use are from the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads.) This week's prompt is - Nostalgic Ships: Discuss the first fictional couples you ever got butterflies over, or couples you used to be really into when you were younger. Oh gosh, where do I even start? I may not remember most… Continue reading T5W: February 6, 2019


Books I Want to Read Before the End of 2018

Almost 3 months left of 2018 and I am doing horrible with my Goodreads reading challenge. Excuse my language but book slumps are a bitch. However, I am determined to read books that are on my physical tbr. A Semi-Definite List of Worst Nightmares - Krystal Sutherland| Haven't heard much hype around this, but it… Continue reading Books I Want to Read Before the End of 2018

Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: 9/12/18

Hi, hello, it's been a while. I know. I was honestly contemplating on shutting down this site, but I'd miss blogging. Now why would I shut it down? Because I was in a huge slump and sort of disappeared from the book community for a while and then sort of didn't feel like blogging anymore.… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday: 9/12/18